Selenium WebDriver

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Selenium is a recording / running tool based on IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is an add-on or enhancement that can be accessed on both Firefox and Chrome and quickly builds experiments using recording and playback. You do not need to know the test scripting language to write any practical tests.

  • Since Selenium works with RC (remote control), in any case the programming language should have excellent information.

  • This tool allows you to create responsive project tests in any scripting language of your decision.

  • Worker and customer libraries are the two policy divisions of Selenium RC. Its design is attractive and has its limitations.

Selenium Web Driver is an advanced form of Selenium RC. It was introduced to the market by winning a prison sentence at Selenium RC. Although it is an RC driven variant, its design is completely unique in terms of RC design. Like Selenium RC, Selenium Web Driver promotes various programming levels to provide a more comprehensive compatibility and knowledge of any programming language.

  • Selenium Grid is a tool used to perform simultaneous tests on various projects, machinery and work structures.

  • This tool simplifies cross-program similarity testing.

  • There are two adaptations of the selenium phase - the more experienced display is called phase 1 and the current variation is called phase 2.

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What is a Selenium Web Driver? For what reason is it used?

  • Selenium Web Driver is a web system that allows you to run cross-programming tests. This device is used to computerize the online application test, which ensures that it works as expected.

  • Selenium Web Driver allows you to choose the programming language of your decision to collect test content. As previously explored, overcoming one or two obstacles can lead to selenium RC. Selenium Web Driver is not suitable for taking care of window sections, but using Sikuli, Auto ID and more can exacerbate the disadvantage.

Selenium Web Driver

The integration of the Web Driver API is an important new component in Selenium 2.0. The web driver Selenium-RC API should provide a very straightforward, concise programming interface, despite some limitations. It encourages you to use the programming language to create experimental content in various programming languages ​​such as HTML, Java, .NET, Perl, Ruby and to use continuous functionality, hover and other programming ideas to test content heartily.

Selenium-Web Driver was created for site pages that can change the contents of the page without reloading the page. The web driver creates a beautifully structured component organized API that provides advanced support for current powerful web-application testing issues.

Selenium Web Driver Introduction

In this setting, we have distributed tutorials focusing on Selenium IDE and its various aspects. We demonstrated the device and explored its features. Similarly we created both content using Selenium IDE and Firebug. From there we were able to access different types of web components and their innovation methods.

Since we are familiar with the Selenium IDE, we move our expectation of absorbing information to create more advanced robotization content using the Selenium web driver. The web driver is one of the most powerful automation testing tools.

Selenium is one of the most attractive and popular tools in the toolbox.

The web driver includes all of the Selenium RC with meaningless options and solves its significant drawbacks. Web driver Selenium has expanded its support for many recent projects and locations in contrast to IDE. In addition to the web driver, Selenium Worker does not need to be started before processing test content, which is not compatible with Selenium RC.

The whole Selenium RC with the web driver API is called Selenium 2.0. Selenium was developed to support dynamic site pages and ajax calls. It supports different drivers to train for the short test online.

Web Driver Architecture

Web Driver is an online testing tool that has nothing to do with Selenium RC. Since this tool depends on a limited client-created printer for each web browser; JavaScript cube lifting is not required in our complete first instruction tutorial.

The web driver makes direct calls to the web program and the entire test content is executed in this style. The web driver program uses capabilities for support and automation.

Selenium Web Driver Features

The various benefits of web browsers and their adaptations. Although Selenium is one of a kind and extraordinary programs like RC and Selenium IDE HTML Unit Program, it is the basis for all traditional programs.

The Html Unit browser test works practically the same for different programs except for the content running in headless mode, for example the client does not have the opportunity to view GUI-less mode and test content functionality. The test is said to pass the content processing headless mode, the execution speed on these lines takes the roll and animates the execution.

The web driver additionally facilitates online portable testing. In these ways it provides AndroidDriver and IphoneDriver to support electronic portable testing.

Note: Web Driver does not update new programs immediately.

Language support

  • Before meetings, we learned how to create content using recording and background usage.

  • We additionally understand how to physically use selenium orders. When creating such test content, we go beyond different requirements.


  • Compared to the different tools of the Selenium package, the web driver is the fastest device of all.

  • The characters are not paired by any external mediator;

  • The tool speaks legally to the program just like any other client. In this mode, the web driver uses the local analogy of the program for automation.

Devices that are different from the Selenium package, such as Selenium RC, are not discussed directly with the web browser. Customer libraries (test content written in any programming language) speak to the Selenium remote control server and the Selenium core (JavaScript program) that speaks to the remote control web browser. Later, such curved letters become an obstacle to the speed of execution.

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