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a picture of a computer screen with the same image as well as a picture
a picture of a computer screen with the same image as well as a picture


HP QTP Selenium is an open source commodity. Associations that decide to run selenium can control their inclination towards engineering and expect better performance during more effort. The QTP testing machine is in business and you will receive a 60 day free trial, after which you will need to purchase the item to perform further tests. In addition, QTP similarly charges conversion costs, permit fees for purchases, and additional items, which is a significant difference between selenium and QTP.

Working mode

This is another zone with selenium pounds HP QTP. HP QTP runs as a standard programming test application on the Windows workstation, with Selenium running at Windows levels, for example, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10 Linux and Mac OS.


  • The HP QTP test gadget provides rethinking and ground robotization tests for application programming.

  • It is used for big business quality assurance and supports its GUI tracking term and script. It uses VBScript language to control and control the objects of experimental applications.

  • Selenium has a questionable slope these days as a result of support for different programming languages ​​and different features. Let us consider a section of the obvious selenium and QTP differences.

  • Selenium, on the other hand, is open source and applies to continuous coding and test practice.

Programming Language

  • The programming language is one of the important features of Selenium and QTP. Selenium testing is possible using multiple PC programming dialects, for example, C, Pearl, Ruby and Java.

  • The HP QTP testing tool uses only the Vipiscript language to run its tests.

  • Programming dialects in selenium makes adjusting one's assets more efficiently during trials.

  • This is an important difference between QTP and selenium.

Comparative Evaluation

  • Automation is done to save cost for contest programming development activities. However, the tools indicate cost. HP UFT is a payment tool, but a license is purchased for each customer. Selenium Inversion is a free tool that can be downloaded anytime.

  • When you take a center in programming circles, HP UFT supports the VP script to create automated content, although selenium can be manipulated in the use of various programming languages ​​such as Java, C #, Ruby, and Python. , Perl, PHP and JavaScript. So, if you do not know C #, you can often create object in PHP or Pearl or Ruby. Selenium gains an edge.

  • In the case of HP UFT, this product can only be made in Selenium in the QTP / UFT IDE and in IDEs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans.

Ability to test

  • Objects capture works in conjunction with the HP UFT built-in article repository and the object file progress and support ratios are straightforward. The embedded repository stores store ID and various credits to realize the versatility of the variation in regulatory determination.

  • However, the Selenium Article Chronicle does not have such a function, however, the UI section can execute tasks using the client extension. Articles are captured using UI maps and specific content regional framework, for example, - Xpot Element ID or Property DOM.

Running environment

  • HP UFT must be used at the Windows level and require a Google Chrome, IE or Firefox program. If closed in proportion, it will support different conditions such as SAP, Oracle, .NET.

  • However, the customer must purchase an add-on grant for them. However, selenium can be used on Linux, Windows, Solaris and OS X. Support for HP UFT compatible applications is unlocked using the mobile cloud.

  • Regardless, Selenium supports Android, iPhone and iPad, Blackberry and headless webkits.

  • Selenium is used to test a web application. Regardless, the HP UFT is used to test HP labor applications, as well as workspace web applications. QTP supports different scenarios such as SAP and Oracle and does not reinforce additional modules for the item, although Selenium supports all additional modules that are close to its features.

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Client Support Maintenance

provides a large amount of assistance through HP UFT and there are a variety of dialogs that can help with specific issues. In estimation, selenium did not provide special assistance. However, requests can be found through various online social events and open source administrators. HP is releasing new configurations and solutions for bugs developed in the UFT product.

Information needed for reports

HP ALM / Quality Center reports are useful for generating natural and revised reports. Very little specific data is required to script and generate corrected reports. Due to selenium, one must learn to marvel at specific skills to connect different parts of the structure. To find out, Selenium blends in with Jenkins' and can give exceptional notification and dashboard capabilities.


QTP is not entirely versatile in implementing reversals at different levels. It mainly supports Windows and runs tests there. It similarly tests web, mobile and workspace applications, but selenium is surprisingly versatile, with tests running continuously on Chrome, Firefox, IE and more. It can test web applications and is not a small or task area application.

license size

QTP Communications is authorized for, and the cost is very high, and when Selenium is an open source tool the customer must pay for all variants of this conflict and the customer does not have to pay any fees for these types of gadgets.

IDE-based communication

QTP test conditions go back to the QTP-generated stage, not on some individual IDEs, but passed on selenium test kits, and run cross-eclipses on NetBeans, .NET, and other IDEs.

Capacity Conditions

QTP has an embedded repository, a streaming point for all test presentations, and a social context for a significant number of articles and its features, so QTP will undoubtedly recall them and use web sections in the UI to test the applications that follow it. No inbuilt store.

Career opportunities

QTP is still an excellent resource in terms of selenium when it comes to, but due to the high subsidy cost, various links cannot get this tool for automation. Additionally, the best number of gadgets that are compatible with QTP are paid, which reduces its use and spread.

  • If you are new to automation, QTP is not ideal at the time because registration opportunities are slim and you will not be able to learn and practice with the 60 day mandatory free primer.

  • QTP Online has very limited capabilities and revitalized instructions that are difficult to learn step by step.

Ability to manage

  • Cloud status is one of the important differences between Selenium and QTB, in Selenium, one uses Linux virtual machines, which are much cheaper to run and run continuously than HP QTB's Windows virtual machine. Linux VMs have less gameplay and maintenance time than Windows VMs.

  • Also, in Selenium you can run tests one on one on different machine at the same time, but you can only run and control one test on HP QTB.

  • HP participates in QTP TD / QC monitor trials and generates preliminary reports. You do not have a selenium-enabled gadget to perform and monitor tests, which must be done using specialized test structures.

  • This is an important part, as HP tests QTP principals and considers QTP against selenium as it does not contain selenium. This component often does not have a big impact on professionals, but it is a great favorable environment for developing programming engineers.


Test Communication The HP QTP test gadget may have a better room than selenium, as well as the ability to run tests on the web as a workspace. Selenium is undoubtedly used for web-based testing. This section is only compatible with the QTP Windows phase and does not run tests on other operating systems.


QTP usually tests an application for machine assembly, although selenium can perform exceptional, integrated tests on a system. Additionally, QTP content processing takes up more RAM and CPU control than selenium. QTP can continue to work on a variety of Windows VMs, although they are more resource-hungry than Linux VMs and may use selenium.

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