What is selenium?

  • These days people focus on programming applications created with the ultimate goal of making life easier. Each one is made to run on one type and web program.

  • If something goes wrong while the client is using it, it will affect the application. During this extra cleaning period, each application should be tested with the best equipment.

  • Selenium is such an amazing device. It was first controlled by Jason Hawkins in 2004 by creating the JavaScript library. At that time the library was developed as a selenium center.

  • It is going to be the primary company for RC and IDE. It allows users to choose their own language that is ridiculous on different devices.

What is selenium and how does it work?

  • Selenium can be classified as an open source automation tool for testing online programming applications. There are many tools used to run equivalent ones, but selenium maintains each device by its speed and performance rate.

  • At the beginning of the test, practically all companies attempted a manual test, which produces a less effective error report. Similarly, since the engineer and analyst may have different work ideas, the report will vary from analyzer to analyzer.

  • In 2006, Simon Stewart, an architect at Google, started the initiative, Web driver.

  • Many companies are now following this example due to the lack of better computerized analyzers.

  • It dealt with many of the problems identified with selenium. In 2008 Selenium had a wonderful break for both the web driver.

  • These two advances go together to create a robotization tool that works under similar conditions.

What kind of test is possible using selenium?

Before we get into the more in-depth conferences of selenium, let’s take a look at some important interesting aspects of this computerized tool. This may very well be numbered:

  • Reporting Faster

  • Selenium supports agile methodology

  • It is easier for Documentation

  • supports regression testing

  • iterations can be doen easily

some of the tools to create bit of the frame is the most in-depth look at automation. Since you may have serious information on each of these devices, you can test any applications at that time without any problems.

Trying a UI test using selenium is the best practice, and it can be done on different web projects.

Selenium Phases

Selenium 1 (selenium) RC or the remote control )

  • Selenium 1 is an attempt system used in steep conditions.

  • It uses programming dialects, for example Java, C ++, Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP.

  • Where selenium 2 is elevated, this current device will not be used.

  • Selenium 1 supports programs such as Firefox 3, 2, 3. X. Safari 2,3,4, Opera 8,9,10 further increased.

Selenium 2 (Selenium Web Driver)

  • sends the Selenium 2 report directly to web browsers and makes its decisions.

  • It has some attractive features like itemized API and extended adaptation.

  • It supports programs like Chrome, Safari, Opera, HtmlUnit, Android, Ios, phantomjs, Firefox.

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  • Selenium IDE is a prototype device that generates test content.

  • It can be used as a module in Chrome and Firefox, it is easy to use.

  • It records each client activity (task process) that can be used later in the test phase.

Selenium with Python

Selenium Phase

  • Selenium Phase is a custom adaptation that allows the app to run simultaneously on different projects.

  • One of the primary topics of interest in using this matrix is ​​to share an all-out test package to work on multiple machines at once.

  • Selenium is perfectly compatible and is very useful for construction to make changes in automation. This bit path was not found on another machine.

  • The extension factor allows the analyst to create their own adaptations to get the most out of it.

Apart from these options, there are some mistakes to consider. Selenium promotes online applications. If you created any Windows application, it will not work. Without IDE, content progress will not be fast. Using selenium, we cannot make a default statement.

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Advantages using selenium for automated testing

Language and Structure Support for Framework

  • someone chooses a tool, the first thing that strikes the string is: "Will my tool improve the language I know?"

  • All in all, this is not the case with Selenium because it is for programming test automation of every important language like Java, Python, JavaScript, C #, Ruby and Perl programming.

  • You can create your content in these programming mother tongue languages and turn selenium into perfect signals in the blink of an eye.

  • Thus, selenium does not just need to know dialects. Similarly, each selenium-enhanced language verifies systems that allow selenium test to be recorded as hard copy test content for robotization.

  • This way, when you go to Selenium as a tool to do a computerization test, you do not have to stress language and configuration support as Selenium does for you!

Open Source

  • The Selenium People Team continues to assist designers and programming engineers in automating web browser features and functions.

  • Being an open source of selenium encourages you to turn code into the best indicator and improve the use of pre-defined skills and classes.

  • Source Access One of the many things that makes Selenia upside down is its open source access. Thus, since it is an open source tool, selenium is a free automation structure, and it is cost-effective.

  • This way, you can leave the rupee here and use it for other big purposes.

  • Selenium has become a very powerful web robotization tool as a result of the simplicity of preparing test content to determine usage.

Multi-Browser Support

  • "One Selenium Content for All Programs" Selenium People Group takes a show every day and is excited.

  • According to StateCounter, selenium content is good in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Edge, the most widely used programs worldwide, and in all of those programs.

  • You do not have to redo the contents for each program, only one content per program.

Different Operating Systems

  • You can create selenium test rooms at any stage, such as Windows, and run a similar test suite at another stage, for example, Mac or Linux.

  • Test robotization empowers designers and programmers to compose music effortlessly without having to put too many voices on a platform that implements content.

  • Supporting Different people use different work configurations and your automation machine must support each of them.

  • Selenium is still an in-depth versatile tool for upgrading Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix and many more work structures.

Reusable and Integrative Reusable and as

  • You may need to combine selenium with testing and joni to monitor tests and generate reports. To pass the standard test, you need to connect it with some CI / CD tools such as Jenkins, Maven and Docker.

  • Additionally, to perform image-based testing, you must connect selenium to tools such as selenium and perform cross-program testing with the cloud-network, for example, the lambda test.

  • You can combine selenium with practically all maintenance tools.

  • Mentioned earlier Selenium Automation Test Kits can be tried in different programs and working configurations. However, the twist is that selenium is not a comprehensive web computerized testing tool.

  • Therefore, it requires external structures and additional materials to extend the level of testing.

Ease of implementation

  • Selenium computerization system is difficult to use machine. Selenium provides an easy-to-understand interface for effective and successful implementation and testing of test content.

  • You can see the same when running tests. You can divide the selenium test risk reports and take the next step.

  • Finally, you will never be alone. An excellent selection of selenium people are constantly available to help you if needed. You can listen to your inquiries and comment on the network.


  • important factor in testing the life cycle. It is simpler and more effective with selenium highlights such as pulling together and resizing tests.

  • It allows designers and analysts to make rapid changes to the code, reduce duplication, control problems, and improve practicality.

  • These features make selenium grow and useful compared to other automation testing tools, resulting in a selenium edge.

Learning and using easy

  • Selenium contents is not like creating anhundred page complex calculation. Writing selenium content is nothing more than creating two-bit codes to robotize the functions of your site.

  • With a fundamentally growing network, selenium instruction tutorials, testing and improvement support are only available on Google search.

  • In addition, the documentation on the Selenium site‌ is very useful for designers and analysts to get started with the Selenium computerization test.

Implementing the equivalent test and going to market faster

  • With the help of the cloud-framework for cross-program testing, you can test multiple programs equally using selenium, and then save your time on hundreds of products.

  • The primary element of the robotic test is to save time and effort. With the help of selenium phase, we can run different tests equally and then reduce the test execution time.

In addition to strengthening the Selenium IDE in the Firefox program, you can use the log to create future-specific and useful selenium content.

Why is Selenium So Popular?

The success of Selenium can be ascribed to a number of features that set it apart from other testing tools, including:

1. Open Source:

Selenium is open-source, which means it is free to use and has a big, active developer community that constantly updates and improves the framework.

2. Support for Multiple Browsers:

Selenium offers support for many browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. This enables the execution of tests in a variety of browser contexts.

3. Support for Multiple Languages:

Selenium isn't limited to a single programming language, unlike some testing solutions. Numerous programming languages are supported, including Python, Java, Ruby, C#, and JavaScript, making it usable by a variety of programmers.

4. Flexibility:

Selenium's flexibility enables testers to create own testing frameworks. To meet their needs, they can link Selenium with other tools, such as TestNG or JUnit for test management and Jenkins or Docker for continuous testing.

5. significant Presence:

Selenium has a significant presence in the tech industry due to its lengthy history and extensive use. For users to solve issues and improve their use of the programme, there are a tonne of resources, tutorials, and community support accessible.

In Conclusion

Selenium is a complete automated web application testing solution, not just a tool. It's a flexible, accessible solution that can meet a variety of testing needs because it supports numerous programming languages, browsers, and platforms. It is a recommended option for both inexperienced and seasoned testers due to its open-source nature and strong community support.

Whether you're a software developer trying to verify your programme, a company trying to maintain software quality, or a budding tester eager to learn, this guide can help.

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