Web Designing Course is the art of Creating a Website Using Many Functionalities. For creating a WebSite the important factors are the look of the website, Attractive content, Good Layout, and able to access on all devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones. In Softenant Technologies we train you each and every concept and the latest technologies in the industry. We Provide Industry Best training in Web Designing. Our Experienced Trainers will train you in all fields of designing a Website.

About Web Designing Course In Visakhapatnam

Learning Web Designing Course in Softenant Technologies

We provide the best Web Designing Course training with industry and real-time experts. Training with real-time examples is an additional advantage and we are having the best trainers in the city of Vizag with many years of experience. We also provide placement assistance for students and professionals in MNC’s. Softenant Technologies is one of the leading and Best Computer Training Institutes in Vizag offering many computer courses for all age groups.


  • Computer Basics

  • A little bit of programming is an additional advantage

Who can do this Course?

  • Freshers

  • Graduates

  • Professionals

  • IT Employees

  • Anyone who wants to build their career in web designing

Job Opportunities in Visakhapatnam After Learning Web Designing Course

The need for skilled web designers is growing as the world moves more and more online. After completing our web design training in Vizag, a wide range of work options in Visakhapatnam become available to you. Here are a few positions you might consider applying for:

Web Developer:

In accordance with the requirements of a client, web developers are in charge of planning, coding, and modifying websites from layout to functionality. They work hard to produce visually beautiful websites with simple navigation and user-friendly design.

Front end / Back end Web Developer:

Back end/Front end Front-end web developers make sure that users may engage with the platform easily. They put into practise everything displayed on browser screens during website loading, including the structure, appearance, behaviour, and content. Server requests and data are handled by back-end developers. They create the web services and APIs that front-end designers and programmers of mobile applications use.

Web Application Developer:

Web application developers design and implement web-based programmes that are tailored to the demands of their respective organisations. They frequently work as a team to create, test, and enhance online applications, ensuring their compatibility with current systems.

Web Marketing Analyst:

Web marketing analysts utilise their knowledge of online consumer trends and behaviours to conduct research with the goal of finding patterns and giving marketing teams information to improve their digital marketing strategy.

Design Analyst:

Design Analysts evaluate a design's effectiveness primarily in light of the accomplishment of a company's strategic goals. To measure the effectiveness of designs and to influence design decisions, they use data analysis. Learn more about Data Analyst Course in Vizag

Website Supervisor:

Web marketing analyst: Web marketing analysts utilise their knowledge of online consumer trends and behaviours to conduct research with the goal of finding patterns and giving marketing teams information to improve their digital marketing strategy.

Senior Web Analyst:

Web traffic and user behaviour data are collected and analysed by senior web analysts using website analytics technologies. These findings are put to use to enhance user experience, increase website traffic, and improve website design and functionality.

Our web design course can provide the foundation for a lucrative career in a variety of industries, from tech startups and digital marketing firms to big international corporations. As a developing IT centre, Vizag offers a wealth of such chances.

Web Designing Course in Visakhapatnam Syllabus


  • Introduction to Web Technologies

  • What is a Website?

  • Types of Websites

  • Static vs Dynamic

  • Web Standards

  • Types of Domains

  • About Scripting Languages

  • Responsive Web Designing

  • What is Hosting?

  • What is DNS?


  • What is Html

  • Introduction

  • Html Tags

  • Head Vs Body

  • Meta Tag, Title tag

  • Headings, Text Tags

  • Named Anchors and Anchor Links

  • Forms and Forms Attributes

  • Checkboxes, Radio buttons

  • Options, Submit button

  • Drop down

  • Lists – Ordered and Unordered lists

  • Hyperlinks

  • Tables

  • Text input

  • Frames

  • Grid

  • Audio and Video tags

  • Html Validators

  • Placeholder and Autofocus

  • Summary and Footer tags

  • Cite tags, Mark and Caption

Know More about Html Training in Vizag


  • Introduction

  • Defining CSS

  • Id Selector and Class Selector

  • Tag Selector

  • Attribute Selector

  • CSS properties

  • List properties

  • Text properties

  • Background properties

  • Block properties

  • Positioning properties

  • Menu Properties

  • Buttons

  • Forms

  • Rounded Corners

  • Gradients

  • Opacity

  • Animation Properties

  • Advanced Selectors

  • Shadow Property

  • Font Properties

  • Transition

  • Transform

  • Advanced options

CSS Training in Vizag


  • What is JavaScript

  • Types

  • Variables, Keywords

  • Data types

  • Operators

  • Conditional Statements

  • Loops

  • Javascript Arrays

  • Javascript Strings

  • Javascript Objects

  • Form Validation in Javascript

  • JS Programs

  • JS Numbers

  • This keyword

  • Debugging

  • Object Constructors

  • Functions

  • Function call

  • Function Apply

Learn JavaScript Training in Vizag

Angular Javascript

  • Introduction to Angular JS

  • Angular Js Expressions

  • Modules

  • Model

  • Directives

  • Tables

  • Controllers

  • Data Binding

  • Filters

  • Scope

  • Services

  • Select

  • SQL

  • Events

  • Forms

  • Validation

  • API

  • W3.CSS

  • Http

  • Includes

  • Routing

  • Animations

  • Application

  • Examples

  • Tests


  • Introduction to Jquery

  • Syntax

  • Events

  • Selectors

  • Jquery Effects

  • Fade

  • Jquery slide

  • Animate

  • JQuery Html

  • Add, Remove, Get, Set

  • Dimensions

  • Traversing

  • Ancestors

  • Descendants

  • Filtering

  • Siblings

  • Ajax Intro

  • Get/Post

  • JQuery Exercises

Responsive Webdesign

  • What is Responsive Web Design

  • View-ports

  • Using CSS media queries

  • Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap Installation

  • Grid System

  • Buttons

  • Forms

  • Tables

  • Images

  • Sliders

  • Integration

  • Page design

Web Hosting

  • What is Web Hosting

  • Registering domains

  • Defining Name Servers

  • Hosting Services

  • Hosting platforms

  • Control Panel

  • FTP Client

  • Server / Client

  • Hosting Packages

  • Shared Hosting

  • VPS Hosting

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Uploading a Website

  • Maintaining a Website


  • Introduction

  • What is WordPress

  • Installation of WordPress

  • Themes

  • Dashboards

  • Creating web pages

  • Settings Menu

  • About Plugins

  • Content adding

  • Content editing

  • Customization

  • Website Project

  • Requirement

  • Site Analysis

  • Creating Basic structure with HTML

  • Using Bootstrap for project

  • Integration with Bootstrap

  • Integration with JS

  • Integration with Jquery

  • WordPress

  • Real-time Project

  • Hosting a website


  • Exploring Photoshop

  • Types of Images and Image Editing Tools

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Using Photoshop Tools

  • Palettes

  • Layers, Actions, and Filters

  • Creating Custom Effects

  • Design Banners, Basic Website Layout

  • A conversation of PSD to XHTML


  • Understand web design

  • Set up your project

  • Structure of web pages

  • Layout web pages

  • Style text content

  • Add images and links

  • Create tables and forms

  • Test your website

  • Layout web pages

Web Designing Course in Vizag

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Web Designing Course in Vizag

Q1: Who should take this web designing course in Vizag?

Regardless of background or education, anyone interested in web design should take this course. This course is appropriate for both newcomers and seasoned designers looking to advance their skills because we start with the fundamentals before moving on to more complicated ideas.

Q2: What will I learn during this web designing course?

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design are all key components of web design that are covered in our curriculum. Additionally, you'll learn about SEO optimisation, UX/UI design, and how to use design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Q3: What practical experience can I expect from this course?

We support experiential learning. Because of this, our course includes a variety of real-world projects that let you put your skills to use while developing a strong portfolio.

Q4: Do I need to have a background in programming or design?

No, regardless of your prior knowledge or abilities, our course will take you from a novice to a skilled web designer. Python Training in Visakhapatnam

Q5: What are the job opportunities after completing the web designing course in Vizag?

Web design expertise is highly sought after. Following the course, you could be able to find work as a web designer, a front end developer, or perhaps start your own independent web design company.

Q6: How can I enroll in the web designing course?

You can easily enrol by going to our website, contacting us, or coming into our Vizag institute.

Q7: What support will I receive during and after the course?

Our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side at all times during the training. Following completion, we provide help in finding a job and give graduates access to our alumni network for prospects for further education and employment.

Remember that our staff is always available to respond to any additional inquiries you may have regarding our web design course in Vizag. Contact us at any time!

How to Enroll for Web Designing Training in Vizag

The process of enrolling in our web design training in Vizag is easy and quick. The following steps will help you guarantee your place in our subsequent batch:

Visit Our Training Centre or Website:

Start by looking at the course information on our official website. As an alternative, you can come to our training facility in Vizag, where our staff can walk you through the course's specifics and organisation while also addressing all of your questions.

Register Your Interest:

Once you've made up your mind to enrol in the course, you can do it online through our website or in person at our training facility. You will now need to complete a form with your personal information.


Our course counsellors will get in touch with you for a consultation in step three. You get the chance to ask any last-minute queries you might have concerning the curriculum, timetable, costs, etc.

Complete the Payment:

When you are prepared to move forward, you will be prompted to complete the payment. This can be done offline at our centre or online using safe payment methods.


Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation of your enrollment following successful payment. We will also give you information about the start date, schedule, and other pertinent facts.

Begin Learning:

Start Learning: With everything in place, the last step is to begin your web design career. We are excited to have you as a part of our learning community.

Throughout the enrollment process, keep in mind that our staff is always accessible to help you. If you require assistance, please don't be reluctant to ask.

What Makes Our Web Design Course Different

Our training programme in Vizag distinguishes out in the quickly developing field of web design for a number of reasons. What sets us apart is as follows:

Comprehensive Education:

We provide a carefully crafted curriculum that covers all facets of web design, including UI/UX design, SEO optimisation, and the most recent design tools. This makes sure that our students understand web design in its entirety.

Knowledgeable instructors :

Our instructors are leaders in the field with extensive backgrounds in both teaching and web design. Their knowledge guarantees that you understand not only the academic concepts but also how to apply them in real-world situations.

Learning by Doing:

We support the "learning by doing" philosophy. Our programme includes a number of real-world projects that allow you the chance to put what you learn into practise and develop a strong portfolio, preparing you for employment after course completion.

Modern Infrastructure:

To provide the best learning environment for our students, our training centre in Vizag is outfitted with cutting-edge hardware and software.

Career Support:

We go beyond merely offering education. To help our students launch their careers in web design, we also offer extensive career support, including resume development, interview preparation, and job placement aid.

Flexible Learning alternatives:

We provide flexible learning alternatives, such as weekend batches and online classes, because we are aware that our students may have varying needs and schedules.

Community & Networking:

We support a community of professionals and students, giving you the chance to network and gain knowledge from your colleagues.

By selecting our Web Designing Training in Vizag, you're not only signing up for a course; you're also becoming a part of a community that's dedicated to your education and professional development. Every step of the journey, we are here to help you.

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