Are you looking for the best training in Devops. Softenant provides best training for Devops. The tools used are Github, puppet, Chef and Jenkins. These are used to control and merge the code, building the status and configuring infrastructure. We provide the best support to the students in who has chosen DevOps Course in our institute, we will create the right path to the students in the field of DevOps.

About DevOps

Before learning DevOps Knowledge of Linux is essential, so the basics of Linux will be covered in the class. The syllabus includes GIT, Cloud Computing, AWS concepts, Configuration management tool using Puppet, Jenkins, and Docker containers. Join in DevOps Training in Visakhapatnam to get the best career.

Objectives of DevOps Training Course in Vizag

  • Executing automated framework updates

  • Give the ideal security for the whole foundation

  • Executing the DevOps devices

Advantages of Devops Training in Softenant Technoloiges

  • Faster Career Development

  • working with different trending innovations

  • Very less programming errors

  • Quicker Releases

Who Should learn DevOps Course in Visakhapatnam

1. Career Switchers/Job Seekers: This course is perfect if you're trying to change careers or improve your employability in the present competitive work market. The need for qualified individuals in the fast expanding field of machine learning is great.

2. IT Professionals: IT professionals might think about this course if they want to broaden their skill set and gain knowledge in a complex area. Your profile could gain significantly from it, and it might lead to new career prospects in machine learning, software development, and data analysis.

3. Students & Recent Graduates: This instruction can give students and recent graduates in computer science, mathematics, or related subjects a competitive advantage. You gain a practical understanding of machine learning methods from it, which could help advance your career.

4. Data Analysts/Scientists: Machine learning is a crucial ability for every data scientist or analyst. This course can assist you in finding insights that can power company decision-making processes and better utilising the power of data.

5. Software Engineers: This course is essential if you're a software engineer hoping to advance into a more specialised position or want to keep up with the most recent technological advancements. You may create software programmes that are more effective and smarter by understanding machine learning.

6. Tech Enthusiasts: This machine learning course is a fantastic option if you have a strong interest in technology and a want to learn about the most recent developments. It's an excellent way to get started in one of the most fascinating and ground-breaking areas of technology today.

7. Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders: Understanding machine learning may give you important insights into how to leverage this technology to boost business growth, increase operational effectiveness, and create cutting-edge goods and services if you're an entrepreneur or business leader.

How DevOps will help to build your career

  • It helps in increasing efficiencies

  • It helps in solving real-time problems

  • It helps in building a professional career

  • ]It will help to learn Git, Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins.

Prerequisites for Learning DevOps

  • Basic knowledge in Linux

  • C Language

  • Basics of Java

  • Programming languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.,

Why Should I take DevOps Training in Visakhapatnam from Softenant Technologies?

Your career's advancement depends on selecting the best training provider, and Softenant Technologies in Visakhapatnam stands out for a variety of reasons. Here are some benefits of taking our DevOps training course:

Expert Faculty:

Industry veterans with years of practical expertise are in charge of our DevOps courses. These professionals provide practical knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that you not only study the theory but also see how DevOps is used in real-world business situations.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

From fundamental concepts to cutting-edge approaches, technologies, and industry best practises, our programme is structured to cover all important facets of DevOps. It conforms to the most recent industry trends and specifications, guaranteeing that you stay up to date in the quickly changing technological environment.

Interactive Learning Environment:

Softenant Technologies supports the value of hands-on education. Our interactive teaching approach encourages a climate in which students can inquire, investigate, and challenge themselves, improving the learning process as a whole.

Real-World Projects:

We go beyond a purely academic education. We give students the chance to work on real-world projects so they can put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to use. When it comes to finding work and advancing your career, this experience is priceless.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our training centre is outfitted with modern facilities and is situated in the centre of Visakhapatnam. With the newest software, fast internet, and cosy classrooms, we provide a superb learning atmosphere that will make your educational journey joyful and successful.

Job Placement Assistance:

We offer all-inclusive job placement services, from resume writing aid to mock interviews and introductions to possible employers. Our goal is to make sure you move from the classroom to the workplace smoothly.

Flexible Learning Options:

We are aware that the demands and obligations of our students are varied. To help you learn at your own pace and convenience, we provide flexible learning alternatives, such as weekday, weekend, and online programmes.

Community and Support:

In addition to attending a class when you sign up for our DevOps training programme, you also join a community. You can get assistance from our helpful network of students, alumni, and teachers to overcome obstacles and recognise achievements.

Starting your DevOps journey with Softenant Technologies in Visakhapatnam entails making an investment in a thorough, hands-on, and sector-specific learning experience. Let us assist you in acquiring the abilities, information, and self-assurance necessary to succeed in the DevOps industry. Here is where your path to becoming a proficient DevOps practitioner begins.

Course Contents of DevOps Training Course in Vizag

Introduction to DevOps

  • DevOps Principles

  • DevOps Engineer Skills

  • The market trend of DevOps

  • Knowing DevOps Delivery Pipeline

  • Tools used in DevOps


  • Knowing about the Version control tool

  • Git

  • Essentials of GIT in industry

  • Installing GIT

  • How to setup GIT

  • Getting a Git Repository

  • Working with various commands

  • Changing records to the Repository

  • Checking Status of Your Files

  • Tracking New Files

  • Staging our modified files

  • Viewing Your Unstaged and Staged Changes

  • Ignoring Files from GIT

  • How to commit Your Changes

  • Skipping the Staging Area and commit

  • Removing Files

  • How to View Commit History

  • Limiting Log Output

  • Using a GUI for visualizing History

  • Undoing Things

  • Upstaging a Staged File

  • Unmodifying a Modified File

  • Changing Your Last Commit

  • Working with Remotes

  • Showing Your Remotes

  • Adding Remote Repositories

  • Fetching and Pulling from Your Remotes

  • Removing and Renaming Remotes

  • Pushing to Your Remotes

  • Inspecting a Remote

  • Branching and Merging in GIT

What a Branch Is

  • Basic in Branching and Merging

  • Remote Branches – create and delete

  • Rebasing

  • Branch Management in GIT

  • Branching Workflows and its usage

  • Git workflows

Jenkins – Continuous integration

  • Essentials of Continuous Integration

  • Know about Jenkins and its architecture

  • Installing Jenkins

  • Jenkins tools Management

  • Post-installation

  • Unlocking Jenkins

  • How to Customize Jenkins with plugins

  • How to create the first administrator user

  • How to Know about User management in Jenkins

  • Authentication

  • How to Create Jenkins own database user

  • Options to enable integration with LDAP

  • Authorization

  • Matrix and Project-based authorization

Overview of Maven

  • Maven project structure

  • Maven plugins

  • Project Object Model (POM)

  • Building Maven lifecycle

  • Maven build and test project

  • Creating jobs and automatic build settings

  • Adding external dependencies to maven pom.xml

  • What is Jenkins Pipeline?

  • Why Pipeline?

  • Integration with GIT

  • How to enable project-based authorization for a job

  • Source code management while creating jobs

  • Triggering automated build

  • Maven job setup

  • Adding a slave node to Jenkins

  • Building Delivery Pipeline

  • Notification settings in Jenkins

  • Plugin management in Jenkins

Docker – A containerization technology

  • Introduction

  • Real-world Shipping Transportation Challenges

  • Docker Introduction

  • Understanding of Docker images and containers

  • Working with container

  • Life Cycle of Container

  • Sharing and copying a container

  • How to use Base Image and customize

  • Creation of Docker File

  • Publishing Image on Docker Hub

  • Introduction to Docker Networking

  • Network Types in docker technology

  • Docker Container Networking

  • Docker Compose

  • Docker Swarm

  • Using Docker Compose to create PHP, WordPress, MySQL

  • Starting Containers on a Cluster with Docker Swarm

  • Creating and Scaling an application in Docker swarm

Ansible – A configuration Management

  • Introducing Ansible – A configuration management tool

  • Basics / What Will Be Installed

  • Understanding Ansible architecture

  • Managed Node Requirements

  • Control Machine Requirements

  • Inventory

  • Hosts and Groups

  • Group Variables

  • Host Variables

  • Learn various Ansible Modules

  • How to use Adhoc commands

Introduction to YAML script

  • Deploying From Source Control

  • Managing Services

  • Playbook

  • About Playbooks

  • Playbook Language Example – YAML

  • How to Write Playbooks

  • Tasks in Playbooks

  • Understanding about various tasks in the playbook

  • Introduction to Handlers and variables

  • Learn about using handlers, variables in the playbook

  • Become (Privilege Escalation)


  • Role of Directory Structure

  • Using Roles

  • Role Duplication and Execution

  • Role Default Variables

  • Role Dependencies

  • Role Search Path

  • Ansible Galaxy

  • Including and Importing

  • Including and Importing Task Files

  • Including and Importing Roles

  • Includes vs Imports

  • Importing Playbooks

  • How to create Ansible Role and use it

  • Using an ansible role in a playbook

DevOps on Cloud

  • Essentials of Cloud computing?

  • Cloud and virtualization architecture

  • Cloud deployment architecture

  • Cloud providers

  • Why we need DevOps on Cloud?

  • Introducing to Amazon web services

  • Various AWS services for DevOps

  • DevOps using AWS

  • File Transfer

  • Parallelism and Shell Commands

  • File Transfer

  • Managing Packages

  • Users and Groups

Frequently Asked Questions about Devops Course Training in Visakhapatnam

Q1: What is DevOps?

DevOps is a collection of practises that integrates software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops), with the goal of reducing the time it takes to develop new systems and enabling continuous delivery of high-quality software.

Q2: Who should enroll in a DevOps training course?

number of IT professions, including software developers, IT project managers, technical project managers, software architects, operation support specialists, and deployment engineers, can benefit from DevOps training. Anyone who wants to learn about the DevOps methodology can enrol, though

Q3: I am new to programming. Can I still enroll in the DevOps training course?

While having a rudimentary understanding of programming ideas can be useful, it is not a prerequisite. Beginners can join in the DevOps training course because it covers the foundations.

Q4: What is the duration of the DevOps training course in Vizag?

Our two-month DevOps training programme is offered in Vizag. This window of time enables us to provide a thorough curriculum that covers the core ideas, resources, and DevOps best practises. Additionally, it gives students enough of time for practical learning exercises and hands-on projects so they are well-prepared for using DevOps approaches in the real world.

Q5: Is job placement assistance provided as part of the DevOps training course?

Yes, we offer all of our students extensive job placement aid, including help with resumes, interview preparation, and contacts to employers.

Q6: What are the main topics covered in the DevOps training course?

  • Introduction to DevOps

  • Principles of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Understanding Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • Exploring Key DevOps Tools

  • Configuration Management and Automation

  • Diving into Microservices Architecture

  • Monitoring, Logging, and Performance Metrics in DevOps

  • DevOps in the Cloud

  • Introduction to DevSecOps: Integrating Security in DevOps

Q7: What practical experience can I expect from the DevOps training course?

Our DevOps training programme contains practical assignments that are inspired by real-world situations. Students can use the ideas they've learnt and get ready for their future positions thanks to this practical experience.

Accelerate Your Career with Expert DevOps Training in Vizag

Master DevOps Practices: Exclusive Training in Vizag

Do you want to become an expert in DevOps techniques? Our elite training program in Vizag provides a thorough curriculum that will enable you to become an expert in the DevOps sector. Our program, which is taught by industry specialists, covers a wide range of subjects, such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Gaining access to state-of-the-art tools and practical projects will provide you with the knowledge and abilities required to succeed in DevOps roles. Come along with us to realize all of your DevOps potential.

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With our DevOps training program in Vizag, you may improve your abilities and further your career. Our knowledgeable teachers will walk you through every step of the DevOps process and provide you the skills and resources you need to thrive in the hectic IT settings of today. Our application does it all, from automating tedious activities to optimizing deployment pipelines. Through individualized training and practical exercises, you will acquire the necessary experience to succeed in the field of DevOps. Don't pass up this chance to improve your abilities and advance your career with Vizag DevOps training.

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Are you prepared to unleash DevOps's full potential? Your path to becoming an expert in this potent technology begins with our training program in Vizag. You will acquire the knowledge and abilities required to optimize software development and deployment processes with thorough coverage of DevOps principles, techniques, and tools. Our curriculum, run by professionals in the field, gives you the direction and encouragement you need to thrive in the cutthroat job market of today. Our training curriculum is the ideal way to unleash the potential of DevOps in Vizag, regardless of your level of experience.

Expert-led DevOps Training Now Available in Vizag

With our expert-led DevOps training in Vizag, you may learn important insights from professionals in the field. Our instructors are dedicated to your success and are seasoned professionals with a wealth of DevOps practical knowledge. You'll pick up the newest tricks and best practices for integrating DevOps principles into your company under their tutelage. Our program covers everything from CI/CD pipeline setup to infrastructure automation implementation. Our training program is tailored to match your needs and advance your abilities, regardless of your degree of experience with DevOps. Become a DevOps expert now by joining us.

DevOps Training in Vizag: Learn from Industry Leaders

Our DevOps training program in Vizag allows you to learn from the top professionals in the field. Our lecturers are experts in the field who have years of DevOps practical experience, and they are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge to you. You'll learn how to use the newest DevOps tools and technologies to create and maintain automated, scalable, and dependable infrastructure under their knowledgeable tutelage. Whether you're new to DevOps or want to improve your abilities, our training program is the ideal way to get knowledge from professionals in the field and advance your career.

Dive Deep into DevOps Methodologies: Training in Vizag

Are you prepared to go further into DevOps techniques? Our Vizag training program covers all the essential DevOps concepts, procedures, and resources. Our program covers everything from integrating configuration management and infrastructure as code to setting up monitoring and logging systems. Our curriculum, which is taught by seasoned DevOps specialists, gives you the practical knowledge and hands-on experience you need to thrive in the fast-paced IT environments of today. Come explore the depths of DevOps techniques in Vizag with us.

Join Our DevOps Training Program in Vizag Today!

Don't pass up the opportunity to enroll in our renowned DevOps training course in Vizag. In order to help you become proficient in DevOps principles, our program provides a thorough curriculum, knowledgeable training, and practical projects. Our training curriculum is made to fit your goals and further your career, regardless of your level of DevOps experience. It's never been simpler to study DevOps in Vizag with to individualized coaching and flexible schedule options. Take the first step toward becoming a DevOps specialist by joining us today.

Level Up Your Career with DevOps Training in Vizag

You're ready to advance in your work. Your key to success is our DevOps training in Visag. Our extensive curriculum, knowledgeable teaching, and practical projects will provide you the knowledge and expertise required to succeed in DevOps positions. Our training program will assist you in reaching your objectives, whether you want to move into a new career or develop in your existing one. Our curriculum, which is taught by seasoned DevOps specialists, gives you the real-world experience and applicable knowledge you need to thrive in the cutthroat job market of today. Take the next step toward a fulfilling DevOps career by joining us.

Get Certified in DevOps: Training in Vizag

With the help of our Vizag training program, become a certified DevOps practitioner. Everything you need to pass industry-recognized certification exams and earn your DevOps professional certification is covered in our program. Our program, run by knowledgeable professors, gives you the direction and encouragement you need to be successful. Our certification program can assist you in reaching your career objectives, whether they are related to moving up in your current position or looking to change careers. Become a certified DevOps specialist by joining us today.

Discover DevOps Practices: Training Sessions in Vizag

Are you prepared to learn about the newest methods and techniques in DevOps? Our Vizag training sessions provide the ideal setting for learning from professionals in the field and discovering the newest developments in DevOps. Our seminars, which are led by seasoned DevOps specialists, cover a broad range of subjects, such as containerization, infrastructure as code, and CI/CD pipelines. Through practical exercises and real-world case studies, you will learn important concepts about DevOps best practices, tools, and principles. Our training courses will assist you in staying up to date, regardless of your level of experience with DevOps or desire to learn more. Come explore with us the DevOps future in Vizag.

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