Selenium Interview Question and Answers

a man and woman sitting at a table with a man in a suit and tie
a man and woman sitting at a table with a man in a suit and tie

What is selenium

Selenium test automation suite which is used for automatic testing internet or web based applications. It supports various programming languages, various browsers and platforms.

What are the different types of automation testing

  • Smoke testing

  • regression testing

  • sanity testing

What are the components of selenium

  • Selenium IDE

  • Selenium WebDriver

  • Selenium grid

  • Selenium RC

Explain about selenium IDE

IDE stands for integrated development environment. Selenium IDE is a fire fox plugin. It is mainly used for creating test cases and executing test cases. Selenium WebDriver and selenium RC are used for executing test cases.

Which is the browser supports selenium IDE

Firefox is the one and only browser that supports selenium IDE

What are the reasons behind to select selenium

  • It is free and open source

  • It supports cross browser compatibility

  • it supports multiple programming languages such as Java python PHP and perl.

  • It has a very large user base.

Explain about selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver directly communicates with the web browser and also supports various programming languages like Java python and PHP.

Explain about selenium grid

It is mainly used to run the tests in different computers and various platforms.

Explain about selenese

Syllabus of the set of commands used in selenium IDE that runs tests.

What are the different types of WebDriver API available

Chromedriver, firefoxdriver, internet explorer driver, opera driver, Android driver and event firing WebDriver.

List the locators available in selenium WebDriver

TestNG and Junit to open source frameworks supported by selenium

What is a hub in selenium grid

It is a server which controls the test execution in various computers.

What is the node in selenium grid

It is a machine which is attached to the hub.

What are the advantages of selenium grid

Attalus running test cases in parallel and saves the execution time. It also allows multi browser testing.

It allows us to execute test cases on multiplatforms

What are the various programming languages supported by selenium WebDriver

  • Java

  • python

  • PHP

  • Ruby

  • Perl

  • C #

List the operating systems that are supported by selenium WebDriver

Windows, Linux and Apple.

What are the locators that are available in selenium

It has 8 different types of locators

1. ID

2. Xpath

3. name

4. class name

5. tag name

6. link text

7. CSS

8. selected partial link text

What is Xpath

It is primarily used to to locate elements. We can navigate true elements and attributes to locate webelements like ok button checkbox text box image on a webpage.

What is implicit and explicit wait

Implicit wait is used to provide a default waiting for 30 seconds between the consecutive test whereas explicit wait it is used to to halt execution until a particular condition is given.

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