Accounting and Inventory vouchers in Tally

List of accounting vouchers in Tally

  • Sales voucher

  • Purchase voucher

  • Receipt voucher

  • Payment voucher

  • Journal voucher

  • Contra voucher

  • Debit note voucher

  • Credit note voucher

Sales voucher in Tally

A sales voucher is used to record sales transactions. When goods or services are sold sales voucher has to be created. Sales voucher can be recorded in two ways either by voucher mode or invoice mode. The shortcut for the sales voucher is F8.

Purchase voucher in Tally

It is used to record purchase transactions. If we purchase any goods then we have to enter the transaction in a purchase voucher. The purchase voucher is mainly used to enter when we purchased business-related goods not for buying fixed assets. The shortcut for the purchase voucher is F9.

Receipt voucher in Tally

This voucher is used to record transactions when we received any cash. If we received any cash then the transaction has to be recorded under receipt voucher. The shortcut for the receipt voucher is f6.

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Payment voucher in Tally

Payment voucher is used to record transactions if we paid cash to third parties or expenses. If we paid either by cash or Bank then the payment was used. The shortcut for the payment voucher is F5.

Journal voucher

A Journal voucher in Tally is used to record all kinds of adjustment entries, sales, or purchased through credit, fixed assets purchase entries. The shortcut for the journal voucher is f7.

Contro voucher

Contro voucher is used to record transactions from a cash account to a bank account, bank account to cash account, and one bank account to another bank account. A cash transfer to petty cash is also recorded under contra voucher. Shortcut for Contra voucher is F4.

Debit note voucher in Tally

Purchase record transactions are recorded under a debit note voucher. In case of purchase returns how to record the transaction in the debit note voucher. Shortcut for debit note is ctrl + F9.

Credit note voucher in Tally

These are used to record sales returns transactions. If any receiver sends back the goods then those transactions have to be recorded under a credit note voucher. Shortcut for credit note series Control + F8

Inventory voucher in Tally

  • Stock Journal Voucher

  • Delivery Note

  • Receipt Note

  • Rejections In

  • Rejection Out

Stock Journal Voucher in Tally

This is used is transfer stock from one godown to another godown. The quantity of the stock remains the same but the location of the stock will be changed. The shortcut for the Stock journal is ctrl+F7.

Delivery Note

Delivery Note is used to record when goods are delivered to the customer. If a customer placed a purchase order, after delivering goods to the customer then we have to record that transaction is a delivery note. Short cut for delivery note is alt+F8

Receipt Note

It is used to record when we received the goods from the buyer. When the buyer sends to goods to us than those kinds of transaction records under Receipt note. Once after receiving goods from the buyer then it has to be recorded in receipt note. The shortcut key is Alt+F9.

Rejections In

It is used to record when the goods are received back from the customer. If a customer takes goods and returns back some goods than rejections in is used. Shortcut Key is ctrl+F6.

Rejection Out

This Voucher is used when we returned back some goods to the buyer. If we reject any goods to the buyer than rejection out is to be used. The shortcut is Alt+F6.

Material In Voucher:

It is used to record material transfer in. It can be used by the job worker as well as the principal manufacturer. It is used to record the transaction of receipt goods. Shortcut for Material in the voucher is Ctrl+W.

Material Out Voucher

Material In Voucher is used to record material out. This voucher is used to transfer raw materials to Job worker. It can be used to record the receipt of finished goods. It can be used to transfer of finished goods to the principal company. Shortcut for material out voucher is Ctrl+J

Physical Stock

It is used to record the actual stock of a particular stock. If the company finds the difference between the actual stock and stock recorded in the register than physical stock is used to correct the records after verification.

Order Vouchers in Tally

  • Purchase Order

  • Sales Order

Purchase Order

A purchase order is used to keep track of orders placed to a third party. In order to purchase from a third party, we will place a purchase order to the third party for the supply of goods. After receiving goods from the third party we will record in receipt order. The shortcut for the Purchase order is Alt + F4. Know about payroll in Tally.

Sales Order

It is an order placed by the customer for the delivery of goods. After receiving an order from the customer the specified has to be supplied to the customer. Later when the goods are delivered to the customer than tracking has to be done with this sales order. Shortcut for Sales Order is Alt+F5

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