Google Cloud Interview Questions

a google cloud logo with the google cloud logo
a google cloud logo with the google cloud logo

Below is the list of interview questions for Google Cloud at the time of the interview. These questions will help you to get a job in the Cloud Computing industry. Like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud is the cloud computing platform.

We at Softenant Technologies provide various interview questions for students to crack interviews. The following is the list of Google Cloud Interview Questions with Answers. So students can use these questions while attending interviews.

What is Google Cloud Computing

It is a cloud computing service that is offered by google. It provides various services like Storage, Networking, Database and gives many resources to customers. Customers can purchase various resources from google. It reduces operating cost and the companies can run their infrastructure on google cloud platforms. Google cloud is very safe and secure, so anyone can use google cloud platforms for their needs.

What are the benefits of taking cloud service?

  • It reduces the cost of infrastructure and IT costs.

  • No need to pay high salaries to experts for maintaining high-end servers.

  • You can scale your business quickly according to your need.

  • Cloud computing gives high security for files and programs.

  • Access file and program from anywhere, no need for a computer. Smartphones can also be used for accessing data.

  • The software can be automatically updated.

  • The maintenance cost will be reduced.

List of Cloud Computing Applications

  • Zoom

  • Salesforce

  • Google Apps Admin

  • Google Analytics

  • NetSuite

  • DocuSign

  • Dropbox

  • Zendesk

  • Yammer

  • FedEx

  • WebEx

  • LinkedIn

  • Concur

  • JIRA

  • NetFlix

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What are the various layers in Cloud Computing

  • SaaS

  • PaaS

  • IaaS

What are the types of development models in the cloud

Following are the list of development models which are used in cloud

  • Private cloud

  • hybrid cloud

  • community cloud

  • public cloud

Explain about various layers in cloud architecture

  • Physical layer

  • Platform layer

  • Application layer

  • Infrastructure layer

List of open-source cloud computing platforms

  • Docker

  • cloud foundry

  • Apache Mesos

  • KVM

  • Openstack

What are the advantages of using API in the cloud domain

List of advantages with API

  • We can easily write applications and we can link to the cloud services

  • We need not write a complete program

  • We can easily communicate from one application to another

  • We can connect two applications in a secure manner

Tell about various components of Google cloud platform

  • Google cloud container engine

  • Google cloud data flow

  • Google compute engine

  • Google cloud storage

  • Google cloud app engine

  • Google cloud test lab

  • Google cloud job discovery

  • Google cloud endpoints

  • Google cloud machine learning engine

Explain the advantages of using Google cloud

  • Google service allows us to work from anywhere in the world. We can access information and data from anywhere in the world.

  • Google cloud platform server fast and efficient

  • Google cloud platforms are secured and encrypted. Show data stored in Google cloud platform are very much secured

  • In a matter of pricing, Google cloud offers low price comparing with other cloud service providers

What is the price model of Google cloud

  • Users will be charged on the basis of computing networking and stored by Google compute engine. They charge on the basis of per second.

  • The cost of networking is calculated but the amount of data that we are transferred between the virtual machine instances over the network.

  • The storage area cost will be charged on the basis of the amount of data that we have stored.

Explain about Google cloud software development kit

The software development kit consists of a set of tools that are used to manage various resources and applications that are hosted on Google cloud.

It consists of gsutil, gcloud and bqcommand. Once we download google cloud SDK the gcloud tool is automatically downloaded

What is Google bigquery and explain its benefits

It is a replacement for the hardware setup. It access a collective store for each and every analytical data in the organization, it organizes data table into units which can be called data sets.

Services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What is devops?

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