DevOps Interview Question and Answers

a man with a beard and a thought bubble with the words devops interview questions
a man with a beard and a thought bubble with the words devops interview questions

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and experts. Below is the list of frequently asked interview questions and answers.

What is infrastructure as a code in DevOps?

An application layer should be more detailed for any toolkit or server configuration or system and can be used to deliver and manage infrastructure items such as virtual machines, software, network components, but it is different from scripts. Version control can be used to monitor climate change. Example tools are Ansible, Terraform.

Difference between Ansible and Chef (or) puppets?

An agent-free configuration management tool is Ansible, where the toy or chef must run on the agent tip and rely on the cook or toy pull model, where the cook and puppet manifest is pulled from your cookbook or master.

Explain the areas where you can introduce version control to get effective DevOps learning?

The key part of version control is source code management, where every developer code must be relegated to a common repository to manage the creation and output of CI / CD pipelines. Another area where administrators use the infrastructure as A is version control. Code (IAC) tools and procedures to manage environmental configuration. Another part of the version control system is artifact management using repositories such as Nexus & TalkerHub.

Why does OpenSource tools enhance DevOps?

Any company that adopts (or accepts) DevOps pipelines uses open source tools because DevOps comes with automation in various aspects of the company's architecture and output and management and infrastructure management areas.

So it is not possible to create or use a tool, all basically the development and agility trial and error phase reduces the luxury of creating a tool, so open source tools are available in the market, saving every advantage and even providing the company with a tool to evaluate their needs.

What is the role of playbooks as a character, and is it necessary?

Maintaining playbooks as characters, providing more readability and reuse for any plays, consider installing MySQL after Oracle DP removal, and another requirement to install MySQL after Java installation, in both cases we need MySQL installed, but both cases have separate cases. You need to write, but once the MySQL installation role is created you can use characters and logic in site.ammil.

No, it is not necessary to create characters for each scene, but creating the alphabet is best practice in Ansible.

What is the difference between Docker Engine and Docker Writing?

The docker engine communicates with the docker daemon inside the machine and creates the runtime environment and process for any container, and the docker creates multiple containers into one layer and creates application layers such as LAMP, WAMP, and XAMP.

What are the main disadvantages of Docker containers?

The lifetime of any container when running after the container is destroyed, you can never restore any data inside the container, you can never lose data inside the container, but you can load external storage sizes for the data in the container using a host machine and any NFS drivers.

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Different ways the container can run?

The Docker container can be operated in two modes where it runs in the front of the running system, the -t option returns the terminal inside the container, where each record is redirected to the stdout screen.

Separated: This mode usually works in production, where the container is split into playback processes and each output log file inside the container is redirected to / var / lib / docker / log / <container-id> / <container-id. found by the .json> and docker logs command.

Difference between continuous deployment and a continuous distribution?

Continuous deployment does not require manual intervention for full automation and production, but there is some manual intervention for change management in the organization to better manage product deployment in continuous delivery, which may require more approval from a manager or product. Depending on your use risk factor for the company, the subsequent deployment (or) delivery method is chosen.

What are folders and explain their uses in the Jenkins installation?

JENKINS_HOME - This will be /$JENKINS_USER/.jenkins. This is the source folder of any Jenkins installation and it contains different subfolders for different purposes.

Jobs / - The folder contains all the information about all the jobs built in the Jenkins event.

Inside Jobs, a folder is created for each job, within those folders, you create folders according to each build number, and each configuration contains its log files, which we find in the Jenkins Web Console.

Plugins / - Here are all your plug-ins listed.

Workspace / - This is to remove all workspace files, such as your source code, from SCM.

What is Ansible Search?

Search plugins allow access to data from external sources. These plugins are evaluated on the Unsubtle Control Machine and can read the file system, but can also communicate with external databases and services.

Format {search {'<plugin>', '<source (or) connection_string>'}

search plug

How to delete all the Docker images and images stored in your computer?

The command to delete the docker image from the local machine can use the docker rmi <image-id>, but some images may be forced because the image can be used as another container (or) as another image, you can delete images via the docker RMI (docker images -q), Where docker images give docker image names, we use the -q switch with the docker images command to get only the id of the docker images.

Supported programs include

  • File

  • pipe

  • Redis

  • Jinja templates

  • KV Shop ...

How many ways to configure the Jenkins system?

Jenkins can be configured in two ways.

  • Web: If there is an option called Configuring the Layout, you can make configuration changes in the section.

  • File System Guide: Under the Jenkins Installation Directory, you can directly modify each change in the Jenkins config.xml file. Or you can press/restart the endpoint directly.

In how many ways you can build a pipeline at Jenkins?

Let's create two ways to create

scripted pipelines:

a programming

Pipelines that declare:

  • Jenkins methodically the DSL approach to creating Jenkins pipelines.

  • The pipe must be created in the Jenkins file and the location can be in the SCM or local setting.

  • Notified and scripted pipelines are fundamentally different. The announcement pipeline is the latest feature of the

  • Jenkins pipeline: it provides rich syntax on scripted pipeline syntax and is designed to facilitate writing and reading pipeline code.

What is the key role of the HTTP REST API in DevOps?

DevOps focuses on automating your infrastructure and delivering changes to the pipeline to different levels, such as each CI / CD pipeline, such as configuration, testing, sanity testing, UET, and deployment to the production environment. Different tools are used and a different technical layer is displayed and there is a way to integrate different tools to complete the serialization tool, the HTTP API is required, where each tool can communicate with different tools using the API, and access the AWS API for automation based on user instances BYTH for Python Use the SDK to communicate with a variety of tools, such as processing, which are mostly event-driven tube

What are microservices?

In traditional architecture, each application was created by a group of developers called a monolithic application, where it can be used as a single application on multiple computers and exposed to the outside world using load balances, where microservices are your breakdown application, where each piece has different functions to complete a transaction. By giving and breaking, developers can be divided into groups and each application can follow different guidelines for effective development, as agile development must be, and each service uses the REST API (or) message queue to communicate between other services. So creating and publishing the optimized version does not affect the entire architecture, but rather some functionality, which ensures efficient and fast CI / CD pipelines and DevOps procedures

What is a callback plugin and give examples of some callback plugins?

Callback plugins begin to add new behavior to Unzip when responding to events. By default, backup plugins control most of the output you see when running command-line programs, but you can add additional output, connect to other tools, and use Marshall instances in the storage backend. So when a play is executed and some events are created, those events are printed on the standout screen so the Pi plugin can be placed in any storage backend for record processing.

Examples of bin plugins are Unsible-LockStash, where each playbook implementation is received by LockStash in JSON format and can be integrated with other backend sources such as Elasticsearch.

Use of Fluency in Jenkins?

Blue Ocean is reviewing Jenkins' user experience. Designed from the ground up for the Jenkins Pipeline, but still preferred for freestyle jobs, Blue Ocean reduces clutter and increases clarity for each member of the team.

It provides a sophisticated UI for tracking every step of the pipeline, and an excellent pipeline editor for advanced back-pointing and initialization for problems.

What are the scripting languages and how they are used in DevOps?

Like the scripting languages, Jenkins uses basic shell scripting to create stages in the pipeline, and Python scripts can be used with other tools such as Ansible, Terraform, and as a wrapper for some other complex decision-making tasks such as Python. More advanced in complex logic derivatives than shell scripts and Ruby scripts, Jenkins is also used as a framework.

Examples of Continuous monitoring tools?

When there are several continuous monitoring tools available on the market, the used for another type of application and deployment model CodeViser agent can monitor the docker containers, which can be used by elastic search to store metrics (or) you can use the tick stack (telegraph, influx DB, chronograph, condenser). RD You can use a lock stash (or) pulse to track each system in real-time (near real-time) and collect records from the system, which can be used in the storage backend Gabbana (or) so you can use elastic search. Grafana as Visualizer. Nakios and icing can monitor the system.

What is continuous monitoring in DevOps?

The DevOps CI / CD concept undermines the ability of each build and release cycle, where every change is quickly reflected in production environments, so it must be closely monitored to get customer feedback. Therefore, the concept of Continuous Monitoring is used to evaluate each application's performance in real-time (at least in real-time), where each application is compatible with application performance monitor agents and granular level measurements are taken as JVM statistics and can be sent to real-time agents inside the application for operation. , Which provides storage for any backend and can be used to continuously monitor the app by monitoring groups on dashboards and alerts.

Give some important Jenkins plugins

  • SSH Slave Plugin

  • Email Notifications plugin

Greenball plugin

  • Docker Launch Plugin

  • Maven plugin

  • Pipeline Plugin

  • Github Plugin

What is a Docker Group?

A group of virtual machines with the Docker Engine can be managed as a cluster and as a resource, the resources are shared by the containers and the Docker Group Master Plan resource can be assigned to any Docker container under the Cluster to start the Docker Group Startup Docker Group Cluster and join the Docker Group Joins the group.

What is the use of Ansible Mines?

Vault files are encrypted files, which are variables that can be used by non-volatile playbooks, where vault encrypted files are decrypted only by a vault-password, so when running a playbook, any archive file is used for the variable in the playbook, so when the playbook is running --- task- The vault-pass command argument must be used.

What is an Ansible Tower?

Ansible is developed by Redhat, which provides IC automation and configuration management benefits. Ansible Tower can combine numerous playbooks to create an expanded management layer and workflow created to manage the Playbooks system using roles and processes. The Ansible Tower Dashboard provides the NOC-style UI to track the status of all Ansible playbooks and hosts.

Explain how to make docker extensions easier?

Docker is a container technology that is more advanced than virtualization, wherein virtualization, an application must be installed on the machine, then the OS must rotate and the virtual machine takes a long time to spin, and it divides the space into a physical hardware and hypervisor layer. It is a waste of space to do, and once it is allocated, every application needs to be installed and all dependencies required for installation, and sometimes you lose the dependency even if you double-check and migrate from machine to machine. Although painful, the Docker machine is lightweight and runs the same everywhere after testing each application, it is easy to migrate the application or rotate a new application because only the Docker must be installed on another machine. And the Docker image does all the magic of pulling and spinning in seconds.

What clouds are integrated with Jenkins?

Jenkins can be linked to different use cases with different cloud providers, such as dynamic Jenkins addicts and deployment in the cloud environment.

May combine some clouds

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Google cloud

  • OpenStack

Why does every tool in DevOps have domain-specific language?

DevOps is a culture developed to meet the needs of an agile process where the growth rate is fast, so the expansion must match its speed and the functional group can integrate with the dev team, where everything can be automated using script-based, but it feels like a functional group The messy layout of any pipeline requires more use cases and more scripts to be written, so there are enough use cases to meet the active requirements. Tools are developed accordingly, and DevOps is customized into a tool that uses DSL to automate the implementation and infrared management.

What are Docker modules to achieve continuous storage?

Docker Modules User-created file system mount points or volume for a single container can be used by multiple containers, and a variety of module mounts are available: Dir, Post Mount, AWS Support Pounds Module, Azure Module, Google Cloud (or) NFS, CIFS file systems, so to achieve continuous storage, the volume must be set to any external drive as long as the container contains lifetime files inside the container, and if the container is deleted, data is lost.

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