What is Artificial Intelligence, Benefits and Career Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capability of a modern computer or controlled robot to perform the tasks related to the intelligence of humans.

This term is generally used nowadays whenever there is a requirement of developing systems having mental processes characteristic of humans. It includes everything from the ability to think, generalize, or learn from past experience.

After the development of the digital computer in 1940, it has been proved that they are capable of performing highly complex tasks such as discovering proofs or playing chess. In this article, you will get full information about What is Artificial Intelligence, Benefits and Career Opportunities.

Despite having so many advancements in computer processing speed and memory, yet there are no such computers that can match the ability of human flexibility in thinking or performing the tasks.

But there are some fields which have grown extremely fast with the help of Artificial Intelligence like medical diagnosis, computer search engines, or voice recognition.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence is known as narrow AI (weak AI) because currently they are designed to perform narrow tasks like face recognition or self-driving. But the researchers are now planning to develop a general AI (strong AI) to perform high-end tasks exactly as humans.

However, whether narrow or general, Artificial Intelligence will outperform humans at nearly every cognitive task. Below are some of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence is already providing us-

  • Reduction in Human Error

As we know, humans generally make mistakes from time to time in their work. On the other hand, if programmed properly, computers do not make these mistakes. And if they are programmed with Artificial Intelligence, they get an ability to take the decisions from previously gathered information through a certain set of algorithms.

This reduces the possibility of errors and increases the chance of accuracy. The best example of this is Weather Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Reducing the Risk Factor of Humans

The one big advantage of Artificial Intelligence is it overcomes the limitation of the risk of humans through AI robots. Whether going to Mars, defusing a bomb, or exploring the deepest parts of oceans, an AI robot is completely capable of performing these tasks. They can be highly effective in saving lives during and after natural calamities.

You might have heard about the Chernobyl power plant explosion in Ukraine. To control the explosion, humans went inside, and they were dead in a matter of six minutes due to radiation. Instead, if there were AI robots at that time, they could be sent inside and the lives of those men could be saved.

  • Available 24x7

A normal human can work for at least 6-8 hours a day excluding breaks. The body of humans is designed in such a way that they need to get some break as a refreshment to energize themselves again. But AI machines are capable of working 24×7 without any breaks. Moreover, they do not get bored like humans.

The helpline centers and educational institutes face various issues that can be handled effectively with the help of AI.

  • Helping in Repetitive Jobs

Every day, we have some of the other repetitive tasks like sending a thanking mail or verifying the documents. Performing these tasks every day might be very tedious and boring for us. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we can automate these tasks and free ourselves to do some creative work.

In the banks, we see there are many documents to verify for an employee to pass the loan for anyone. This job can be speeded up and made easy with the help of AI automation where the customers and employees, both will be benefited.

  • Digital Assistance

Some advanced organizations use digital assistants to get interacted with the users. It effectively saves the need for human resources. Most of the websites use digital assistants to answer the general questions of the user. This technology is so advanced that sometimes it becomes hard to find out if you are chatting with a chatbot or a human being.

Many times we have seen different organizations having a customer support team to answer the queries of the customers. With the help of AI chatbot, they can handle large customers very easily giving accurate information.

  • Faster Decisions

Using Artificial Intelligence with other technologies we can create such machines that have the capability of taking the decisions faster than humans. If the human being has to make some decision, he has to analyze various factors both emotionally and practically. But powerful AI machines can take quick decisions without any delay and deliver fast results.

The best example of this is the chess game in Windows. If you play that game in hard mode, it is almost impossible to beat the computer because it makes a quick and correct decision in a very short time.

  • Daily Applications

We must have used either one of these applications, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant in our routine. They are the best example of Artificial Intelligence that guides us to reach any particular location, making a call, or answering a mail.

Almost 15-20 years ago, when we didn't know the route of any place, we had to ask different people. But now with the help of Google Maps, which works on Artificial Intelligence, simply shows the whole route in the map with the correct destination.

  • New Inventions

From the past 10 years, Artificial is growing powerfully in almost every domain. It has eased the work of humans by solving the majority of complex problems. There is no harm in accepting that AI will take over most of the people’s jobs by doing faster and accurate work than them. But it will also create most of the new opportunities in every sector.

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Different Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will grow to create a fundamental impact on the global market in the next few years. Therefore, it is true that the demands for job opportunities in the field of AI will grow largely. According to The Future of Jobs 2018, this field will have 58 million new jobs by the year 2022. The future of upcoming jobs are very huge here, but the truth is a lot of people are not professionally trained for it. Below are some of the fields for career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence-

Data Analytics

The study and maintaining different data is the most important part of Artificial Intelligence and those who are highly trained in this can make the best opportunity for success in this industry. Data Science is a very vast field in itself, therefore, emphasizing any one category can open many doors for you.

Their main responsibility is to manage, analyze, and store the data carefully. The skills required for gathering the data are necessary but apart from this, it is more essential to generate the reports and manage those data. If we see the current market, an average Data Analyst earns $59,614 per year and by the end of 2020, there will be around 700,000 more jobs in this field.

User Experience

The role of user experience specialists is to understand how human beings use various equipment. As a result, they apply those understandings in the development of more advanced software. Their objective is to analyze how humans are interacting with these softwares to provide them with a better user interface. The number of job opportunities for user experience designers is quite large. Their average salary is around $73,971 per year.

It is expected that by the year 2022, the job growth in the user experience industry will grow by 22.1%. To pursue a career in user experience technology, you have to earn a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Natural Language Processing

Most of the applications that we use today are based on Artificial Intelligence’s language detection algorithm. Whether it is a chatbot or virtual assistant, the use of AI is almost everywhere to replicate human speech in a variety of formats.

The specialists involved in this industry have both the language and technology skills to create such high-end tools. Their responsibility is to develop such systems that can successfully communicate with humans.

Although this field is in great demand, there is a huge shortage of employees to cope up with this role. Therefore, the average salary for NLP specialists is quite high, up to $107,000 per year. Those who are planning to become a professional in Natural Language Processing should have a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Software Engineering

The role of Artificial Intelligence also focuses on other computer science fields such as Software Engineering. The professionals involved in this field are trained to develop the programs on which AI tools function. They come under the overall development process of digital programs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a growth of 21% in this field by the year 2028 with an increment of almost 284,100 jobs. Those who are already in this field are earning around $84,336 per year. The interested ones have to achieve a career in software engineering and have a Master’s degree in Computer Science.


All modern technologies and the emergence of machines developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence have a huge impact on us in the 21st century. The above article clearly explains what is Artificial Intelligence, benefits and career opportunities. It is almost impossible for us to imagine a single day without them.

We are highly influenced by these computers, algorithms, and softwares. The IT sector of the whole world is completely dependent on AI and cannot imagine a single second without it.

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