Programming languages for Aspiring Data Analysts:

Being greater count in the digital world for data being stored or recorded there is a stream which doesn’t end. The main advantage of this is that we can find data on most of the subject and it estimate to give a special conclusion. The disadvantage is in the structured form most of the data is not available and in unstructured form to make sense data should be stored and explained. Python, R, SAS are the specialized programming language which may be implemented.

Multi National Corporate operates on the principle of data analysis, based on the activity they do service as customer choice and make more profits in billions. To become a data scientist you llangaugearn at least one of the programming language. Learning more than one programming language you will get a higher position in the industry. Becoming a data scientist is a great dealing profession.


Each language has its own elements and features which the user can fulfill his/her needs. To know more better about the languages we will give you a comparison of the languages.

Comparisons of PYTHON, R, and SAS:


  • Python is a widely used Object Oriented language which gives more importance of productivity and reliability.

  • R is a powerful scripting language and it is also flexible and the open source to SAS.

  • SAS is a prominent data analytical tool in the market with extensive preference by huge corporates and with wide ranging capabilities.


  • Python is a free programming language. Any users and organization can download python individually.

  • R is also a free programming language. Any users and organization can download R individually.

  • SAS also introduced a free university edition but companies should pay more amount to use SAS in their systems.


  • Python is a open source so updates are quickly available

  • R is also a open source so in R also updates are quickly available.

  • In SAS updates are available through periodic new version roll outs only.

Learning Ease:

  • Python is very easier to learn can be used by the users that might be beginners or experienced data scientists

  • R is the most difficult language as it need more working knowledge on coding.

  • SAS is similar to SQL . So it is easy to learn. The users who had already learnt SQL can learn SAS more easily.


  • Python is a programming language and the idel choice is critical for fast applications.

  • R is a low level programming language and longer codes are needed for simple procedures which reduces the speed.

  • SAS contains drag and drop feature so without worrying about the coding components are picked up and directly used.

Testing for updates:

  • Testing is not done in python because they are free of cost and updates are available easily and there will be errors in the updates.

  • R is free of cost and updates are available easily testing is not done and the updates contains come errors.

  • SAS has scheduled version updates after testing. So, there are hardly any errors with new updates.

Data Handling Capability:

  • Python have good data handling capacity and can handle parallel computations.

  • R also had good data handling and can also handle parallel computations.

  • SAS also similar to the python and R which have good data handling and can handle parallel computations.


Graphical Capabilities:

  • Python has its own packages providing high range of graphical capability

  • Among the three R provides the best visualization diversity.

  • SAS is working recently to improve graphical capabilities so, it comes nowhere near the other two.

Deep Learning:

  • Great advancement in deep learning is made on python with tensor flow and keras

  • Keras and KerasR are the packages, that acts as an interface to the python package keras.

  • Deep learning is in its growth as far as SAS is concerned.

Customer Support:

  • Python does’t have customer support as as it is free but it contains very huge online community support.

  • R has a large online community support but not as more as python.

  • SAS has excellent customer support to solve any issue.


  • Python has recently seen more growth that never had before and is set to improve more than the other two languages in the market.

  • R is more popular with individual programmers due to its more space and flexibility.

  • SAS is most popular in the world and most of the cooperation for at least one of the aspect of functioning.

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