Why you should learn python as a fresher

1. Easy to Learn and very simple

Python is very easy to learn comparing with other computer programming languages. Python is very powerful and it is very write because coding is similar to English language. Python is interpreted and high-level programming language also it is open source. In python it is not necessary to write complex code comparing to java. That’s the reason a fresher can easily learn and write the code.

2. Extensible and Portable

Python is extensible and portable, so you can do operations of cross-language. Python supports various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Solaris. It also permits to integrate with dot net and Java. We can also use C++ libraries and C Library.

3. Salaries are very high

Python developers can earn very high salaries in the software industry. Because of high demand for python developers so salaries are high comparing with other developers. For fresher’s salaries are very high.

4. Automation

Python is a programming language as well as scripting language. Python code can be inserted and executed. Specific tasks in the programs can be automated by the programmer for deploying many times. Python code is interpreted and run the machine.

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5. Computer Graphics

Python can be used to create desktop and graphical applications. Python consists of library named Tkinter can be used to write graphics in python. It is very easy to write graphical application in python because of inbuilt methods in Tkinter.

6. Big Data

Python support parallel computing. We can deploy Python for Hadoop. Python consists of libraries like ‘Pyspark’, ‘Pydoop’,’Dask’ for processing big data. Python is deployed for Big Data.

7. Web Development

Python supports frameworks for web development. Python supports some popular frameworks like Flask and Django. These popular frameworks are written in python. We can also collect information form different websites, with python we can do web scraping. So many popular websites like instagram, pinterest , etc., are developed by python frameworks like Flask and Django.

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8. Testing

Python Supports validation of products for big companies. Python consists of built in frameworks for testing which covers workflows and debugging. It has various modules and tools which are similar to Selenium to Splinter and makes testing very easy.

9. Artificial Intelligence

The main reason to learn python is AI or Artificial Intelligence. Libraries like TensorFlor and Keras supports functionality of machine learning. Without writing any code it can learn. For image recognition and computer vision OpenCV can be used. We can build a machine similar to the human brain which is capable of analyzing the data, decision making and also think like human.

10. Data Science

Python supports data science. It is a very important language for various data scientists. Python has libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn to perform data science analysis. It can complex data and analyze. It can handle matrix, statistical and tabular data.

Advantages of Python

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