PHP vs Python


PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. It is a server side scripting language or programming language. It is mainly used to create dynamic webpages or web based applications. It supports all kinds of web based servers across all operating systems. It is an opensource language so it is freely available.

First PHP development started in the year 1994 by Rasums Lerdord in the year 1994. He actually used to maintain personal homepage. Later he extended to work with web forms which automatically communicates with databases and he named it as Personal Home Page Inerpreter or PHP/FI. Its syntax is less consistent and it resembles like Perl.

First version relased in the year june 1995, it is originally called as “Personal Home Page Tools(PHP Tools). Actually the first name is Personal Home Page Tools. later the second version released in the Year 1997, it supports many features that are still using in the present day.

Later versions of PHP are 3.0,4.0, 5.0,6.0,7.0. PHP 7.0 version released in the year 2015 it supports windows 64-bit integer, it also includes Scalar type declarations, Spaceship operator, anonymous classes, added Closure:: call(), uniform variable syntax and rectified internal errors.


  • It is Free and Open Source. So there is no need to purchase Software

  • It integrates with databases like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, etc.,

  • It is faster than other scripting languages like asp and Jsp.

  • It is case sensitive scripting language.

  • It is an interpreted languages, so there is no need of compilation.

  • It is very simple and easy to use and it widely used around the world.

  • It is Platform independent, so code can run in any platform like windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.,

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Python is a programming language and support object-oriented programming. It support dynamic typing, so writing code is easier. It has many built-in packages and Modules. Python is a better option for an entry level programmer.

Python was created by Guido Van Rossum and released in the year 1991 and in the year 2000 version 2.0 is released. Python 2.0 has introduced features like garbage collection and list comprehensions. In the year 2008 version 3.0 was released which is not completely backward compatible with previous versions.


  • It supports dynamic typing and validates high end variable data types

  • It supports garbage collection, it is one of the main feature.

  • It has a large community over the world.

  • It is also free and open source language which is freely available on official website any one can download it.

  • Graphical User Interface applications can be written with the support of modules like Tkinter, PyQt5, wxPython.

  • It is an extensible language so we can compile code in C or C++ language. So it is an integrated language we can easily integrate with other programming languages.

  • It has a very large amount of standard library which provides many built-in functions so writing code is easier with these modules.

  • It has many libraries for regular expressions, web browsers, unit testing, etc.

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Key differences between PHP and Python

  • PHP is highly database friendly and supports over 25+ databases where as python not supports all databases

  • It has very quantity of frameworks whereas python has very less number of frameworks.

  • PHP is widely used for Web Development whereas Python is widely used for Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and also for Web Development.

  • It uses traditional language which follows standard style. But Python is easy to write comparing with PHP. So writing code is easier in python but in PHP it is a bit difficult.

  • Corporate users are Yahoo, Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc. Python users are Quora, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Uber, Dropbox, Bitly, etc.

  • PHP frameworks are Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, Slim, Yii, Codelgniter, etc. Python Frameworks are Flask, Django, Pyramid, Web2Py, Tornado, CherryPy, etc.

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