Java vs Python

  • Java is a statically typed whereas python is dynamically typed.

  • Java and Python both are high-level programming languages.

  • Python is an interpreted language whereas Java is a compiler interpreter language.

  • Java uses // for a single line and /* */ for multiline comments, Python uses # for a single line and “”” and ‘’’ for a multiline comment.

  • Java variables have to be declared before using a variable, You need not explicitly declare variables in python. We can directly assign a value and start using it.

  • Python used newline to end statements whereas java uses a semicolon to end the statement.

  • Java uses braces to denote blocks, Python uses indentation to denote blocks and uses a colon for the preceding line.

  • Java uses a single quote for a single character and double quotes for string constants. Python allows single or double quotes for string or character constants.

  • Both Java and Python use Boolean to represent true or false.


  • Both uses = to indicate assignment.

  • Java uses && and || and ! for logical operator. Python uses and and or and not

  • Java uses a++, ++a, a=a+1, a+=1 to increment by 1. Python uses a+=1 and a=a+1. We can’t uses a++ and ++a in Python

  • Java uses <, <=, >, >=, ==, != operators. Python supports all these operatos and additionally python allows <> for !=.

Conditional statements

  • Java uses if, if else, else if ladder.

  • If (conditon) { body }

  • If(conditon) { body } else { body }

  • If (condition) { body } else if (conditon) {body}

Python uses if, elif, else

If <condition>:

<body intended>

elif <condition>:

<body intended>


<body intended>


Both Java and python uses for and while loops but the syntax is different.


For(declaration; condition; inc or dec)

For(<Type> <var>; <sequence>) { body}

While(cond) { body }


For <variable> in sequence :

<body indented >

While <condition>:

<body indented>


Java arrays uses squarebrackets [ ] to denote array, and uses braces { } to display an array

In python arrays are called lists and are denoted by square brackets.

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