Looking for the best Tableau training in Vizag? Your search ends here at Softenant Technologies! As a highly reputable training institute, we are dedicated to providing top-notch Tableau training courses in Vizag. We take pride in delivering high-quality training that equips our students with the skills needed to excel in the field of data visualization.

Our experienced trainers are industry professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in Tableau. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring that each student receives the best possible training experience. Many of our past students have achieved great success and secured promising positions in leading organizations.

At Softenant Technologies, we emphasize practical, hands-on learning. Our Tableau training course in Vizag is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Tableau's features, functionalities, and applications. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our course is tailored to suit your specific learning needs.

Throughout the training, you will gain practical experience by working on real-world projects and case studies. You will learn how to effectively visualize data, create interactive dashboards, and derive valuable insights using Tableau's powerful tools and techniques. Our training will also cover advanced topics such as data blending, calculations, and advanced visualizations.

By the end of our Tableau training course, you will have the skills and confidence to leverage Tableau's capabilities to analyze and present data in a visually compelling manner. Whether you are in the field of business intelligence, analytics, or data visualization, our course will enhance your career prospects and make you stand out in the competitive job market.

Course Contents of Tableau Course Training in Vizag

Introduction to Data Visualization and Tableau

  • What is Data Visualization

  • Introduction to Tableau

  • Installation of Tableau Desktop

  • Overview of Tableau Public, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, and Tableau Reader

Tableau Interface and Navigation

  • Tableau Interface

  • Connecting to Data

  • Dimensions and Measures

  • Organizing and Simplifying Data

Data Blending and Joining

  • Introduction to Data Blending

  • Types of Joins

  • Blend vs Join

  • Data Extraction

Creating Basic Charts

  • Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart

  • Treemap, Packed Bubbles

  • Heat Map, Highlight Table

  • Scatter Plot

Advanced Chart Types

  • Dual Axis Charts

  • Box and Whisker Plot

  • Gantt Chart

  • Bullet Graph

Data Analysis

  • Sorting and Grouping

  • Filters, Sets, and Parameters

  • Hierarchies

  • Aggregating Data, Creating Bins

  • Forecasting

Table Calculations and LOD Expressions

  • Introduction to Table Calculations

  • Various Types of Table Calculations

  • Understanding LOD Expressions


  • Geographic Mapping

  • Custom Geocoding

  • Map Layers and Options

  • Polygon Maps

Dashboard and Story Creation

  • Creating Dashboards

  • Designing for Different Devices

  • Actions and Filters in Dashboards

  • Story Points

Sharing and Publishing

  • Sharing Workbooks

  • Publishing to Tableau Public, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online

  • Managing Access and Security

Tableau Server and Online Overview

  • Introduction to Tableau Server and Tableau Online

  • Publishing Workbooks and Data Sources

  • Scheduling Refreshes

Why Tableau Training at Softenant Technologies

  1. Industry Expertise: Softenant Technologies has a team of experienced industry professionals who guide and mentor students throughout the course.

  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The Tableau training program at Softenant covers all the essential aspects of Tableau, from basics to advanced concepts, providing students with a thorough understanding of the tool.

  3. Hands-On Training: The course emphasizes practical learning, providing students with hands-on experience in using Tableau for data visualization.

  4. Live Projects: Students get the opportunity to work on real-world projects, enabling them to apply the skills they learn and understand the actual challenges they may face in a professional environment.

  5. Flexible Learning: Softenant provides flexible learning options, with both online and offline classes, making it convenient for students and working professionals.

  6. Latest Course Content: Softenant's Tableau course content is always up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends and updates in the field of data visualization.

  7. Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate, which can add significant value to their professional profile.

  8. Job Placement Assistance: Softenant offers job placement assistance to its students, helping them find suitable job opportunities in the field of data analytics and visualization.

  9. Dedicated Support: The institute provides dedicated support to its students, resolving their queries and providing guidance throughout their learning journey.

  10. Affordable Fees: The Tableau training program at Softenant Technologies is competitively priced, making high-quality training accessible to a wide range of learners.

Frequently Asked Questions About tableau Training in Vizag1.

What is the Tableau training course offered by Softenant in Vizag?

The Tableau training course at Softenant in Vizag is a comprehensive program that educates learners about data visualization using Tableau. It covers key concepts such as connecting to data, creating charts, geographic mapping, dashboard creation, and more.

Who should attend the Tableau training course at Softenant?

The Tableau course is ideal for anyone interested in data analytics and visualization, such as data analysts, business analysts, project managers, and professionals looking to upgrade their skills. It is also beneficial for beginners interested in building a career in data analytics.

Are there any prerequisites for joining the Tableau training course at Softenant?

While having a basic understanding of data analysis can be helpful, there are no mandatory prerequisites for joining the Tableau course at Softenant.

How long does the Tableau training course last?

The duration of the course can vary, typically spanning a few weeks or months. For the most accurate information, it is recommended to contact Softenant directly.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the Tableau training course?

A: Yes, Softenant provides a certificate of completion after you successfully finish the Tableau training course, which can be beneficial for your professional growth.

Q6: Is the Tableau training course at Softenant conducted online or offline?

A: Softenant offers both online and offline modes of learning, depending on the course schedule and current circumstances. For detailed information, please contact Softenant directly.

Q7: Does Softenant provide job assistance after the completion of the Tableau course?

A: Softenant typically provides job placement assistance to its students, helping them secure relevant job opportunities in the field of data analytics and visualization.

Q8: How experienced are the instructors at Softenant?

A: The instructors at Softenant have substantial industry experience and expertise in their respective fields. They are selected through a stringent process to ensure the highest quality of education.

Q9: How do I enroll for the Tableau training course at Softenant in Vizag?

A: You can enroll for the Tableau training course at Softenant by visiting their official website and filling out the registration form. In case of any difficulties, feel free to contact Softenant directly.

Q10: What are the available payment options for the Tableau training course at Softenant?

A: Softenant accepts a variety of payment options, including debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. However, it is recommended to confirm the payment methods with Softenant during the registration process.

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